Workers Compensation Could Help Construction Workers

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Whether working high off the ground or working with heavy machinery, construction work in California can be hazardous. Sometimes, even seemingly trivial accidents can lead to serious injury. Two construction workers and the family of another worker may consider filing workers compensation claims after a recent accident in which the workers were electrocuted.

The three men were working to erect a flag pole in front of an apartment complex. Official reports state that a strong gust of wind caught the pole as the men were lifting it, causing it to fall onto a nearby power line. A witness stated that he heard a buzzing noise and then saw a big blue cloud. He and a woman ran to the scene to help the men, but they saw that one of them was still touching the pole on the power line. Fearing injury to themselves, they decided to wait for rescuers to arrive.

Authorities did not reveal the details of the men’s injuries. However, two of them were taken to the burn unit at a local hospital where they are listed as being in critical condition. The third man was also taken to a hospital, but, tragically, he succumbed to his injuries a short time later.

The two surviving victims may consider filing workers compensation claims to help pay for medical bills and any wages lost as a result of this accident. Similarly, the deceased victim’s family could also file a claim on behalf of the deceased. Any California resident injured on the job could consult an experienced Los Angeles workers compensation attorney to obtain more information regarding these claims.

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