California Workplace Accidents: Dock Workers Injured In Spill


Injuries on the job can cause serious problems for workers. Though most might think of the construction industry when such an accident happens, workplace accidents can occur in many different fields. Several California dock workers were hurt in a recent accident involving a chemical spill.

Authorities stated that a ship at the dock leaked a flammable liquid into the port. The hazardous liquid was in a 6,000 gallon container. The local fire department was called in to assist, and rescue crews set a 1,000 foot perimeter around the area both as a precaution for other employees and to protect the environment.

In total, 11 workers were injured as a result of the spill. One worker was more severely injured than the others and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The extent of his injuries was not released. The rest were treated at the scene and then released. A firefighter was also injured at the scene, though his injuries were not a direct result of the spill.

When incidents resulting in injuries on the job occur, those involved may choose to file workers compensation claims. When successful, claimants can be awarded benefits that could help pay for medical bills and cover lost wages they may incur over the course of their recovery. Any employees injured in workplace accidents could consult experienced California workers compensation lawyers to learn more about these claims and obtain assistance in filing them. Additionally, an attorney could provide guidance and support throughout any future legal proceedings and, when appropriate, offer advice as to the possibility of any potential third party claims for personal injuries.

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