Workplace Accidents In California Can Lead To Serious Injuries

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In spite of the many safety precautions created for construction work, injuries still occur frequently in California and across the country. Those who suffer from workplace accidents may consider filing workers compensation claims as a means to deal with the aftermath of such injuries. Two workers are likely looking into their options after suffering injuries while doing electrical work.

Reports indicate that the two men, who work for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, were working in an underground electrical vault. The Department of Water and Power stated that one of the men made contact with some energized electrical equipment. It is unknown whether the second worker also touched this equipment or was injured in another way. The incident led to a localized power outage.

After paramedics rescued the two utility workers from the vault, they rushed them to the hospital. The worker who came into contact with the electrical equipment is reported to be in grave condition, though the details of his injuries were not released. The other man is in serious condition after reportedly suffering severe burns.

Because of the severity of the workers injuries, they will likely miss work for an extended period of time. The cost of their medical bills, coupled with lost wages, may negatively affect their finances. However, both men could file workers compensation claims and, if successful, receive monetary damages that could help pay the cost of the medical bills and lost wages. Any California residents injured in workplace accidents may consider consulting experienced workers compensation attorneys to learn more about filing these types of claims.

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