Workplace Accidents May Cause Severe Injuries


Even with the safety measures employers have in place to prevent accidents, injuries still occur in the construction industry. Whether caused by unforeseen circumstances or simple mistakes, workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries for those involved. One California construction worker recently suffered injuries caused by a fire that broke out while he and his crew were working.

The worker and his crew were using an electric jackhammer to do construction outside a home. While attempting to dig a trench, the jackhammer struck a natural gas line. This ignited a fire that luckily did not spread further than the line itself. It is unknown whether the crew was aware of the presence of the gas line.

Firefighters were called in to put out the fire and assist the workers. The fire was quickly extinguished, and no damage was done to the surrounding homes. One of the men was taken to the hospital due to the injuries he suffered, but reports did not reveal the extent of his injuries.

The worker who was injured may consider filing a workers compensation claim to help deal with the aftermath of the incident. If his claim is successful, he could be awarded monetary damages that he could then use to help pay any medical bills or cover any wages he may lose over the course of his recovery. Any California residents who find themselves injured in workplace accidents could consult experienced workers compensation attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and receive assistance in pursuing them.

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