Workplace Accidents May Lead To Serious Injuries


No matter the job, many employees may face a variety of hazards throughout the day. However, those working with heavy machinery or performing physical labor may be at a higher risk of injury for workplace accidents. One California man was recently hurt while in the employ of a tree trimming company.

Authorities said that the man was working with others to complete a neighborhood improvement project. The exact nature of the incident has not been specified. Police report that it was an industrial accident, but did not comment further on how it occurred. Officers requested that people avoid the area for nearly an hour and a half until the scene could be cleared.

Reports do not indicate the extent of the man’s injuries. However, a representative of the city stated that the man had been taken to the hospital for treatment. The accident was reported to the local division of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, and they are continuing to look into the matter.

Whenever an employee is hurt on the job, he or she is entitled to file a workers compensation claim. When successful, these types of claims can provide monetary damages that could help pay for expenses such as medical bills or lost wages. Any employees injured in similar workplace accidents could consult experienced California attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and to gain assistance in filing them. Additionally, an attorney could assist a client in any future legal proceedings related to the claim.

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