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There is a myriad of reasons people file workers compensation claims in California, most related to some workplace accident that transpired from another’s negligent actions. Employees involved in work misfortunes pray for only minor injuries, although a growing number of claims are related to orthopedic injuries.

Utilizing outside resources and the services of our Los Angeles orthopedic injuries attorneys, the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach represent clients looking to file claims against their employer for responding to potential hazards negligently. We represent injured workers across Southern California and have many successful claim awards under our belts.

What Constitutes an ‘Orthopedic’ Injury?

Workers sustaining impact injuries affecting their musculoskeletal system have been orthopedically injured. The human’s locomotor system is comprised of muscles, joints, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, and of course all bones. Therefore, work injuries affecting musculoskeletal parts will include the above-referenced parts, which are required for uninterrupted movement of arms, legs, hands, and fingers.

These injuries are divided into three levels, with each level increasing in severity:

  • Acute: Often quick, acute orthopedic injuries happen when a sudden impact causes sharp, painful events, including breaking your back or spraining your wrist.
  • Chronic recurring: injuries that continually happen as a result of a previous irritation or work injury, such as frequent spraining of your ankle, may cause tissues to break down. These are considered ’chronic recurring episodes’.
  • Chronic overuse: Those who make continuous sharp yet repetitive movements impacting joints could eventually lead to limited mobility over time, and may quite possibly confine workers wheelchairs or special bracing.

Slips and falls, construction accidents, and tripping down stairwells are common causes of orthopedic injuries which are Los Angeles orthopedic injuries attorneys are trained to litigate on behalf of workers who have been victimized by workplace negligence.

We Battle Employers for Workers Compensation

Regardless of severity, orthopedic injuries cause a lifetime of discomfort, which may force workers to change jobs. For older career professionals and those who were in factories for decades, starting over is often a tough task.

Our musculoskeletal system is sensitive to consistent trauma, which over time translates to prolonged injuries like fibromyalgia, herniated discs, ligament tears, the need for hip replacements, the list goes on. To avoid reinjuring, employers should be held accountable for keeping untidy workplaces that cause these injuries to happen in the first place.

Retaining the services of the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach puts workers compensation professionals in your corner to fight employers delaying or denying your claims. As California state law time-bars claim filings, claimants must follow a protocol that includes notifying immediate supervisors of injuries, then retaining our Los Angeles orthopedic injuries attorneys who can then expedite the process.

Don’t continue suffering. Seek medical attention for injuries affecting your musculoskeletal system immediately after a workplace injury. Taking this important step not only helps promote your recovery approves to your employer their negligence is creating otherwise preventable injuries.

Contact our office today. Your consultation is free, and the peace of mind knowing our law firm cares about your orthopedic injuries is priceless.

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