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If you or somebody you love are disabled and struggling to receive the Social Security Disability benefits that you deserve, you need to speak to a Los Angeles social security disability benefits lawyer as soon as possible. It is notoriously difficult to get benefits on the first round of the application process, and going through an appeal is not much easier. You do not have to go through this process alone. A skilled social security disability benefits attorney in Los Angeles will understand this process and ensure that you do this correctly. The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach is here for you.

The United States has in place a system to care for those who are unable to work due to prolonged impairments, both mental and physical, and disabilities expected to eventually lead to death. Established in 1935, the Social Security Act was put in place to provide retired workers, those injured on the job, or those with various impairments with financial benefits, so they may maintain a normal standard of living.

For many Californians, fighting for Social Security has created insecurity.

With decades of experience navigating the social security system, the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach is ready to settle SSD and SSI claims for men and women unable to provide basic needs for themselves due to their inability to work. Our Los Angeles social security disability benefits attorney has a vast knowledge of the application process, the appeals process and can tap into a network of outside medical professionals to help claimants win their case.

Securing Social Security Disability Benefits

In California, the average time between filing your claim and securing your first hearing is 18.9 months. This translates to 616-day processing time, rendering a typical approval rating of 46% per hundred applicants. While these figures may seem unfair, they don’t consider individuals applying without legal counsel, and do not factor in decisions after the first appeal.

To the layman, the lengthy social security application process seems like a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense. With millions of federal claims being processed monthly across the United States, states like California need time to process medical evaluations and schedule hearings, which run wait times into the two-year mark in some cases

While the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach cannot promise faster social security claims to process, we know facing disability judges without counsel can be both intimidating, and often frustrating. The largest part of Social Security claims denials have to do with incomplete applications or missing medical records, both of which our Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer can assist with.

Why Would Social Security Disability Benefits Be Denied In Los Angeles?

Multiple studies indicate that only around 30% of all Social Security Disability benefits applications are approved after the first attempt. This is a shockingly low approval rate, and many people who should receive help do not. SSDI and SSD benefits are denied for a variety of reasons, some of which include the following:

  • Previous denials: If your Social Security Disability benefits have been denied, you need to go through the official appeals process in order to gain approval. Many people simply restart the application process from the beginning, which will likely only lead to another denial.
  • Income limitations: Social Security Administration only approves benefits for people who are unable to work because of a disabling condition. In most cases, earning an income is a qualifying factor for benefits.
  • Failure to follow treatment: All Social Security Disability benefits applicants will need to follow treatment protocols put in place by a doctor, or they risk the SSA denying their application.
  • Lack of medical evidence: Any person applying for Social Security Disability benefits will have to prove that they are unable to work due to a disabling condition, per the SSA guidelines. Failing to properly show a disabling condition will result in a denial.
  • Failure to cooperate: All SSDI/SSD benefits applicants must meet the requests for documentation and show up for scheduled medical exams when they are going through the application process. Failing to do so will likely result in a denial of their benefits.

How Much Do You Pay An Attorney To Help With Your Social Security Disability Application?

Federal law controls how lawyers get paid for helping people secure their Disability benefits. If your benefits are granted after the application or appeal, the Social Security Administration will pay you retroactively from the date that you apply for benefits (and possibly even up to 18 months before the application date). Our Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits attorney will receive 25% of any retroactive payment you receive or up to $6,000, whichever dollar amount is less. You will not have to worry about any upfront or out-of-pocket costs throughout this process as we work to secure your benefits.

SSD Claim Denied? We Can Help.

Even if you filed your case and have received your first denial, our Los Angeles Social Security disability benefits lawyer team can carry the torch moving forward into your second court hearing. Because it’s the Social Security medical professional’s job to find any workable job claimants, having an attorney makes good financial sense because we’re often able to discredit whatever claims the Social Security Administration’s team presents to the judge.

The Social Security system is imperfect; everyone knows this. We take the guesswork out of paperwork, help assuage applicant fears of final rejection, and make the medical process as smooth yet comprehensive as possible. Were as ‘hands-on’ as the law allows us to be regarding your case.

If your SSD claim is been denied, time is of the essence. You normally have 30 days to file your appeal, so contact the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach if you’d like skilled legal representation at any stage of your benefits application.

Our fees are contingent on performance, meaning social security disability applicants will not pay upfront costs, paying only our office after approval has been secured.

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