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In 2014 alone, 42.6 people per 100,000 died unintentionally, making it the 4th-ranked cause of death in the United States during that year. While the Center for Disease Control doesn’t factor ‘negligence’ into its data, a great number of workplace and roadway deaths factored into the 135,928 accidental fatalities recorded in 2014. That’s a whole bunch of innocent people that never got to say goodbye to loved ones.

The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach has tried, and emerged victoriously, hundreds of wrongful death cases where another party was negligent. These cases are taken an emotional toll on not only survivors but our entire staff because we have a vested interest in your long-term healing and financial well-being. With the assistance of our death claims lawyer, our firm fights for the compensation you deserve.

Won’t Companies Pay Automatically?

We’d love employers or other wrongdoers who came forward and paid surviving family members what they deserve. An unfortunate reality is people who accidentally cause death aren’t quick to admit fault. It takes a mountain of facts, witnesses, and sometimes survivors’ testimonies to compel juries to award victims’ families monetary benefits. This level of courtroom battle takes skilled counsel, which is why The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach is trusted in California when wrongful death suits need professional attention.

Sure, many cases never make it to court. The embarrassment companies would endure would anger their shareholders, could cause executives to lose their jobs, and quite possibly cause sales to decline simply by being splattered all over local newspapers in a derogatory fashion. To avoid this fiasco, companies will send their counsel to listen to our demands; failing to accommodate our clients’ needs will result in the immediate filing of your case. No questions asked.

Short answer? It depends whether companies will automatically fork over large settlements, usually resting on the laurels of counsel you hire or do not.

Our Firm Fights Death Claims Hard

You’ve lost a loved one. He or she was the breadwinner, meaning you can quickly head into financial ruin. You’re a depressed mess, and quite frankly don’t know how to handle wrongful death claims. California does have a statute of limitations for filing wrongful death suits, so after you’ve had time to overcome the emotional shock of losing your loved one, bring in this case to our North Hollywood death claims attorney will help get the process started.

If this happened at work or while driving, the process is similar. We’ll collect all evidence including medical records, witness testimony, any photographs that were taken or available from closed-circuit television nearby. We’ll take our mountain of evidence to either the insurer, or company, and see if they’re willing to negotiate on our terms.

We’re sorry you had to endure the loss of a loved one. Let’s help you get justice against responsible person(s) who willfully or recklessly abandoned their duty to care for your safety. Work with our firm and our North Hollywood death claims attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

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