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Social Security is a system, funded by both workers and the federal government, that’s designed to provide financial benefits for those unable to work due to a qualifying disability. While it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what ‘qualifying’ means, those who seek benefits without legal representation quickly find out just how ruthless the system, the same one you paid from your paycheck every week prior to your disability, treats applicants.

Enter now The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach. Were skilled, relentless, and knowledgeable of the federal system. We understand that, unless you’re blind or paralyzed, most applications get denied. But the difference in getting your appeal approved comes in the form of a Social Security Disability Benefits attorney.

Don’t be fooled by news reports, or naysayers, claiming Social Security is impossible to get. If you have a qualifying disability and can perform no work as a result, benefits are payable to you.

Why Do I Need Representation?

Applications can sometimes be lengthy, difficult to comprehend, or sometimes outright confusing. Forget to check one box, or explain your disability in proper detail, your claim may be inadvertently denied regardless if you’re legitimately disabled and unemployable. The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach can enter the process from the beginning, or even after your initial denial. We stay on top of your claim, make sure you are abreast of all hearings and are there first to notify you of your much-anticipated approval.

Both SSD and SSI applications are handled by our office.

An abbreviated list of steps applicants often go through:

  • The disabled applicant applies for benefits with SSA.
  • A full medical evaluation is ordered. This is often requested by a doctor the Social Security Board knows and trusts, but is sometimes biased.
  • Unless you have a visually debilitating condition reported by your doctor, and validated by the Social Security doctor, your initial claim will more than likely be denied. This is just part of the process.
  • An appeal will be filed. In this appeal, a more detailed account of the applicant’s condition, including more thorough medical records, will be provided.
  • A court hearing will be scheduled.
  • You, and any counsel you retained, fight in court.
  • All the information the judge heard will be taken under advisement. A new decision will be rendered, usually given within 90 days but takes sometimes up to six months.
  • A denial restarts the appeal process. Approval starts your benefits retroactive to the time you applied, capping out at two years,

Many other processes happened behind the scenes which our North Hollywood Social Security Disability Benefits attorney is working hard to strengthen so clients have an increased chance of getting approved.

Don’t Take Chances. Hire A SSD & SSI Attorney Who Cares

Social Security case we take is on a contingency basis. This means that regardless of how long it takes to get your benefits approved, we foot the legal bill. Once you are awarded your back pay, our fee comes from those proceeds and does not come from your monthly award.

Applying without counsel can be difficult. There are an unfortunate group of people who are continuously denied and have exhausted all appeals, simply because they didn’t have an attorney.

For an SSD or SSI case evaluation, call or visit The North Hollywood.

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