North Hollywood Stress Related Injury Attorney

Stress levels at work differ from person to person. One person may be able to handle mountains of tasks, while another person may find it difficult to perform simple actions repetitively for extended periods of time. When stress elevates to the point of causing mental or physical anguish, workers are within their rights to file a workers compensation claim.

Because stress, which is invisible, is much harder to claim than physical abnormalities, you’ll need the skillful guidance of a stress-related injury attorney. The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach has the attorney injured folks around California trust for his dedication to fighting stress-related claims.

Navigating California’s statute regarding stress-related compensation is stressful for many, impossible for some. That’s why so many have brought their claims to our office.

We Fight Stress Injuries Hard

Unlike other workers compensation claims, psychological injuries sustained at work go through a much deeper process to prove they’re compensable. Along with medical evaluations, claimants will be required to submit to psychological testing, have their complete work history evaluated, allow psychiatric testimony at any trials, and testify that arduous workplace conditions were responsible for greater than 51% of the claimant’s overall psychological injury.

This may seem like an uphill battle to prove you’ve been psychologically damaged, but with enough evidence, we’re able to secure compensation which may include any medical bills and psychiatric evaluations that you had to pay for out-of-pocket. So, although the burden of proof is much stronger in cases of workplace stress injuries, the benefits may be much greater depending on your case.

If you been employed with your current company for longer than six months, and workplace conditions have been mentally tolling to the point you don’t feel like yourself, don’t wait too long to file your claim with our office. Our North Hollywood stress-related injuries attorney will require time, and resources, to complete your claim accurately so you’re positioned to win.

Stressed? We’re on Your Side.

Not only were you stressed at work, but your injuries have also caused you to stress while you’re out of work wondering if your claim will be approved. This happens to a good portion of our clients bringing us stress-related injuries, and The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach knows your injuries may lead to permanency. Put decades of trial and negotiation experience in your corner by leaning on the expertise of our firm.

Permanent mental impairments may also merit filing Social Security Disability benefits. Again, no two circumstances will be identical, and it’s not fair to our clients to speculate outcomes. Therefore, it’s best to bring us all the details surrounding your case, including any medical records already existing regarding your condition, and let our professionals evaluate your claim.

Workplace stress is no fun. It causes other areas of one’s personal life to slowly fall apart.

If you’ve been psychologically traumatized to the point it’s put you out of work, and you done everything to report your situation to immediate supervisors, contact our office for a no-cost claim evaluation.

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