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if you’ve been the victim of an unfortunate workplace accident, you need competent advocacy after you’ve been medically evaluated and treated for your injuries. Not only will you have an uphill battle in recovering well enough to return to work, but California also affords injured workers the right to apply, and receive, workers compensation benefits. As these financial and medical benefits aren’t promised, injured employees must undergo a stressful, sometimes lengthy, application process.

The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach have accumulated decades of workplace injury litigation. We understand you’ve been displaced from your job, and have bills piling up. Therefore, the only job we have is to help you secure weekly financial payments to help offset missing income caused by your injury.

We Go the Extra Mile

Being an aggressive workers comp attorney, many employers know we mean business. It takes many dedicated workers in California to help evolve, technology, infrastructure, and our transportation system. So, when one employee is injured, we take it very seriously. Whether it’s repetitive stress injuries or permanent disability, our office works closely with each hurt worker until your claim is approved.

One common employee frustration is the lengthy application process, sometimes spanning up to two years. Insurance companies must investigate their role, employees are given an opportunity to rebut, and the workers compensation Board must take all information to determine eligibility and final award amount. Hiring The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach can cut time off this process significantly, and we’re even able to hold any third parties accountable for their participation in injuries you sustained.

Even if you’re a federal worker, we can file workers compensation benefits claims with the OWCP. The process is slightly different, but the results we can achieve are nonetheless the same. Don’t let employers think they’re above the law; you’re entitled to workers compensation benefits the state of California if you’re injured within your place of employment.

Injured? Time is Important

To have our North Hollywood workers comp attorney look at your case, there’s no better time to hire legal counsel that now. The sooner we’re able to begin filing paperwork, the quicker you can begin receiving benefits for injuries that were of no fault of your own. Much like court, the workers compensation Board goes by a standard of evidence which a well-presented claim will already have. We’ve helped some clients refile their claim because important facts were missing when they filed on their own. Don’t let paperwork confuse you, or let the process overwhelm you. We’re here for you.

Another important tip prior to filing a claim with us is making sure the medical professionals caring for you is unbiased, is understanding of the workers compensation system, and understands common terms used in employment law. This small formality could make your case much stronger simply because the doctor knew how to properly document your work related injury.

A caring legal team is standing by, ready to put a skilled North Hollywood workers comp attorney on your case. Our consultation is free, so contact us today.

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