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Contrary to the belief of employers and insurance agencies, employees do not enjoy filing workers’ compensation claims. Part of the reason involves the hassle that employers and insurance agencies intentionally cause for the injured employee. Although the employee is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, the employers and insurance agencies will use specific tactics to delay the workers’ compensation claim process. When these tactics are employed, employees will want the best-delayed workers’ compensation claim attorney on their side. A San Fernando Valley delayed workers’ compensation claim attorney can help an employee fight for the compensation benefits that they deserve.

What Are The Signs of a Delayed Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Due to an employee’s injury, the employee needs to receive compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income. However, there are specific actions that employers and insurance agencies will take to delay the claims process. Some of these actions include:

  • Poor communication. Supervisors and managers may fail to relay important information about the employee’s workers’ compensation claim. Employers are required to notify their insurance agencies immediately of any employee’s compensation claim. This lack of communication can stall the claims process.
  • Negligence. Insurance agencies have a particular period to approve or deny an employee’s claim. When insurance agencies fail to approve or reject a claim within a reasonable period, the insurance agency can be liable in a court of law.
  • Lowballing an employee’s benefits. In an attempt to pay employees less for their compensation benefits, insurance agencies will either offer a lower amount of benefits or outright deny the employee’s claim altogether.
  • Requesting additional time. Sometimes insurance agencies will ask for extra time to investigate an employee’s claims. Insurance agencies usually offer this request when the cause of an employee’s injury is suspicious or another issue must be resolved on the employer’s part. When employees experience repetitive motion injuries or other occupational injuries, requesting additional time is common for insurance agencies.
  • Understaffing issues. Like other organizations, insurance agencies suffer from understaffing and clerical issues. Still, these issues do not justify delays in the compensation claim process. Ultimately, insurance agencies will use these issues as a reason for employees to settle or accept a lower offer.

How do Delays in The Claims Process Affect Employers and Employees?

A delay in the workers’ compensation claim process can affect an employee’s healing ability. The employee’s condition can worsen due to the lack of financial benefits. The battle for compensation benefits can cause the organization to gain a negative reputation. It is imperative that you speak with a San Fernando Valley delayed workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

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