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The last thing a person with a permanent disability should face is a denial of benefits. Yet, insurance companies are notorious for denying legitimate disability claims from people with established disabilities. Employees who find themselves in a position where they can no longer work have the option of filing for long-term disability insurance. This type of insurance can cover an employee with a long-term injury for up to ten years or even until the employee retires. When insurance companies delay the claims process or outright deny an applicant’s claim, the best course of action is to seek the help of a San Fernando Valley permanent disability attorney.

What Rights Do Employees With Permanent Disabilities Have?

Many employers carry an Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) policy. The ERISA Act is a federal policy that allows applicants who were denied long-term disability claims the opportunity to pursue a lawsuit at the federal level. This gives applicants whose initial claim was denied another opportunity to appeal the insurance company’s decision. However, it is difficult for an ERISA disability benefits denial to be overturned in court, mainly because insurance companies must provide a small amount of evidence to support their decision.

How Can A San Fernando Valley Permanent Disability Attorney Help?

An experienced San Fernando Valley Permanent Disability Attorney can use their knowledge of the ERISA rules to help increase the chances of overturning their clients’ claim decisions. There are several ways that a permanent disability attorney can help their clients succeed in the appeals process:

  • Gather all favorable and relevant information. One of the reasons why ERISA disability benefits denials are hard to overturn is because applicants are prohibited from introducing new evidence at the trial. This means the information presented during the initial claim will be the federal judge’s only information. Permanent disability attorneys can assess and gather as much favorable evidence for their clients that will help strengthen their records.
  • Collaborate with vocational experts. Experienced permanent disability attorneys can request that a vocational expert testify to confirm the specific requirements of an applicant’s occupation. Because the permanent disability attorney is responsible for selecting the vocational expert, the vocational expert is more likely to offer a fair testimony than a vocational expert chosen by the insurance agency.
  • Act in the applicant’s best interest. A qualified permanent disability attorney will decide what is best for the applicant. Whether the solution is to settle with the insurance company, negotiate on their client’s behalf, or file a lawsuit in federal court, the attorney will act in their client’s best interest.

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