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Committed to Protecting the Rights of the Disabled

Countless California residents struggle with a mental or physical disability that prevents them from obtaining employment making life quite difficult. Social Security benefits are a way for the disabled to have some financial income. For many, this is their only source of income, and how they depend on this to live a good quality of life. Sadly, many disabled individuals are denied or receive an improper benefit amount. My name is William Kropach and I am a Social Security Disability Benefits attorney. For more than 40 years, The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach have successfully helped many clients recover the benefits needed to pay their bills, mortgage, or rent. We use a compassionate and aggressive approach when handling your case.

How We Can Help Recover Your Proper Social Security Benefits

Some clients have the ability to work with many restrictions while others cannot work at all. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, we understand the obstacles and challenges our clients face on a daily basis. From the time a prospective client visits our law office for their free initial consultation, my legal team and I take the time to address all of your questions and concerns. Once a person becomes a client, we immediately begin building your case. The vast majority of first-time SSDB applicants are denied. The process is often complex. Here is how we can help.

  • Help clients navigate smoothly through the legal process
  • Obtain, complete and file all necessary paperwork and documentation
  • Provide skillful negotiation on behalf of the client
  • Provide skilled legal advice

Many Santa Clarita residents make the common mistake of attempting to recover their Social Security Disability Benefits on their own. The reason this is a mistake is that most people do not understand the laws and complicated procedures associated with recovery benefits. One mistake on a form can delay or even have benefits denied. Time is of the essence when filing for benefits. Having a Santa Clarita Social Security Disability Benefits attorney on your side greatly increases your chances of recovering the appropriate benefit amount to be able to live a comfortable quality of life.

Why More People Choose the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach?

Very few people truly understand how complex claiming social security benefits can be without the help of an experienced legal professional. As your Santa Clarita SSDB attorney, my staff and I have complete knowledge of the laws and procedures to help clients properly navigate through the legal process. We also understand what most judges are looking for when hearing a case.

Contact The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach for a Free Initial Consultation

The first step towards recovering the SSDB you deserve begins with seeking representation from a legal professional with a track record of protecting the rights of the disabled for more than 40 years. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, our legal team works diligently in both the courtroom and behind the scenes to ensure our clients receive the maximum benefits possible. We take pride in our personable approach and treating each client with the respect and dignity they deserve. To learn more, contact our law office today and schedule a free initial consultation.

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