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It’s tragic to get a call that someone you love died while driving to work, operating machinery, or because they were involved in a freak construction accident. The unbearable emotional pains take years to overcome, if they ever do. However, your loved one would want you to live a good life, one based on the income they provided you. So, you’re well within your rights to file a wrongful death action against the company or negligent party responsible for their death.

We’re the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, and our hearts go out to you during this time of tragedy. If you need a death claims attorney who’ll fight to get you all the compensation you deserve, look no further than the one law firm driven by compassion for surviving family members.

We Fight Negligent Parties Who Caused Death

Some California families may have an AD&D policy, which covers accidental death and dismemberment. Many other working-class families do not. That’s because health insurance, and an employer’s promise to keep safe workplaces, is supposed to be enough. Or, our car insurance policies and another driver’s responsible actions aren’t usually questioned.

We cannot predict what causes accidental death at work, in our vehicles, or while innocently walking down the sidewalk. However, the unfortunate reality is that wrongful death claims are brought to our office frequently enough to tell you one thing: people are negligent, and cause other people to die.

To fight, and succeed in, your wrongful death claim, we only need to prove your loved one passed away because someone else directly caused them to. It sounds felonious when putting in those terms, but it’s nearly identical to the burden of proof we must present in court. Our Van Nuys death claims attorney skillfully represents survivors in whatever capacity will help them win the only thing left their loved ones can provide: financial compensation stemming from their wrongful death.

As California does have a statute of limitations in bringing wrongful death claims, it’s advised you contact an attorney firm that knows your pain, and want you to win: The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach.

Let’s Win for Your Decedent Together

Not only are you saddened right now, a strong angst for the perpetrators responsible for your loved one’s passing is brewing inside you. You want justice, and you want it now. You feel, since it’s impossible to bring your loved one back, the person or company responsible should pay heavily because you’ll lose the way of life you enjoyed when you’re loved one was working.

Our law office will help you, the emotionally distraught survivor, settle your wrongful death claim either before it’s presented to the court, or will bring it to a jury trial. Companies, for one, know wrongful death claims tried and successively won in court are often much, much larger.

The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach wants to win justice for survivors like you. If you’ve lost a loved one at the hands of a company or another person, contact our office to begin your claim today.

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