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Come work for us, they said. It’s safe is workplace around, they said.

Sound familiar to you? You get hired at a new company, where they promote safety and purport everyone’s well-being matters to them. Except for one day when you get injured, you suddenly become their sworn enemy – and the injury wasn’t even your fault. 2.9 million private sector injuries, none fatal, were reported in 2016 across America, with The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach litigating a good portion here in California. Many of those employees were just like you, hard-working family men and women trying to make it in this life.

Workplace injuries are what our on the job injuries attorney specializes in. If you’ve been hurt while working, you have a myriad of options depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury.

Workplace Injuries Hurt More Than Bodies

If you’re looking to hire our law office, chances are your workplace injuries are substantial and may result in long-term disability. Problem is, you’re unsure if filing workers compensation claims or short-term disability will anger your employer to the point of firing you. Let’s be clear: employers cannot retaliate against you when you’ve been injured due to their negligence. They cannot fire you, harass you, nor can they reclassify you when you return or while you’re gone.

Workplace injuries hurt more than people’s bodies. Losing income means caring for children, and yourself, becomes far more challenging than before. It means your standard of living will decrease while medical bills and monthly obligations will increase. It’s an economy killer, but in the eyes of an employer, it’s just another day at the office.

The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach can help workers who’ve experienced devastating, life-changing injuries fight employers, insurance companies, even third parties complicit to their injuries for compensation. We’ll help with all claim forms, including those for short-term disability. We’ll drag all responsible parties into court, if necessary, so a jury can hear of your tragic incident and how it impacted your family and way of life.

As you can probably guess, filing workers compensation claims is a process. You must have notified your supervisor of the injury within 30 days of it happening, you must seek and receive medical treatment for your injuries, and claims must be thoroughly and completely filled out. Miss one step, or forget one box in your form, and you risk your claim being disqualified. This is why hiring a Van Nuys on the job injuries attorney is paramount in winning your claim.

Relax. We’ll Take Your Claim from Here.

If you haven’t filed, or simply haven’t turned in your form, let’s The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach handle your workers compensation claim from here on out. We’ll go over what you’ve done with a fine tooth comb, or begin a new claim application on your behalf. The last thing we need is you, the injured worker, to endure any further stress.

Our office awaits yours on the job injury claim. Reach out to us today.

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