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Whether working or driving, walking down the sidewalk, or riding your bike on a beautiful California evening, orthopedic injuries can happen to anyone, without regard to one’s health or age. Our muscular and bone structures, albeit tough enough to withstand minor contusions or falls, cannot handle massive impact trauma. The pains stemming from these injuries are excruciating, with longer recovery times and loss of wages.

Professional and knowledgeable of orthopedic accidents, The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach provides skilled courtroom litigation and pre-trial negotiation for orthopedic injuries sustained by another party’s negligence. We’ve fought many cases with our trusted orthopedic injuries attorney, and are poised to fight yours until compensation for your losses is achieved.

How Damages are Won in Orthopedic Cases

Significant force or strain is required to fracture most bones and, in most cases, tear muscles. Workplaces with physical demands much higher than we’re accustomed to, such as construction or production areas, are breeding grounds for physical injuries. However, those which employees cause themselves are not covered. So, we rely on those cases where negligence caused bone breakages or ACL tears.

Simply put, negligent workplace injuries and car accidents – the two places where orthopedic injuries are most likely – are proven similarly. We must be able to withstand a court’s standard of reasonable doubt by:

  • Showing the employee, or driver, was behaving in a manner that wasn’t reckless.
  • Introducing the negligent party, who had control over the injured person through their actions, or anticipated actions.
  • The party caused a serious car or workplace accident which injured our client, causing orthopedic injuries they wouldn’t have sustained acting alone.
  • The party is bound by law, and the actions are litigable in California’s court system.
  • The actions deserve compensation deemed just and proper.

That’s the abridged version; our Van Nuys orthopedic injury attorney is pretty good about litigating cases, where broken bones could’ve been avoided, had the reckless party acted differently.

Depending on what premises your injury took place, we’ll either seek workers compensation or civil action or, if your employer decides firing you is better than dealing with your orthopedic problems, both. Car accidents causing orthopedic trauma will automatically enter the civil litigation process.

Our Skills Speak for Themselves.

Built on a foundation of superior representation and attention to detail, The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach employs many skilled staff members dedicated to gathering, discovering, and filing cases for clients who’ve endured unspeakable orthopedic pains and sufferings. We’ll never make promises we’re unable to keep, and our work will not be complete until you’ve won your case. It’s just that simple.

We’ll review your case without cost or obligation to proceed further. Our attorney will review facts, ask you straightforward questions, and determine what angle to take in litigating your claim.

Don’t suffer orthopedic injuries without getting compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and whatever relief courts would award you based on your case’s merits. Contact a Van Nuys orthopedic injury attorney who truly cares about your financial well-being and long-term recovery.

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