Van Nuys Stress Related Injury Attorney

Getting banged up at work isn’t the only personal injury people sustain while slaving at their professions. If employees have been pushed too hard mentally, the stress can push people to extremes they’re probably not equipped to endure. Loved ones come home every day stating they’re ‘stressed-out’; after periods of time, this mental anguish can spread into your nervous system.

The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach handles claims related to workplace stress injuries. High demand, heavy action manufacturing or office settings need employees who can perform repetitively, or multiple, tasks at once. While it may seem the stress is not getting to you mentally, slowly but surely, other parts of your body will begin breaking down.

Sit down with our stress-related injuries attorney. You’ll understand just how serious workplace stress can break down vital processes inside your body.

Stress Is Compensable in California

Ever heard the term ‘going postal’? It stemmed from several instances in the United States Postal Service related to workplace stress. That term has worked its way into our vernacular, used by workers in various fields across the world. According to the American Institute of Stress, 46% of stress is related to workload. With 10% of that stress leading to a physical altercation at work otherwise avoidable without the presence of such rigorous job demands.

Stress-related injuries at work, much like slips and falls or harassment, maybe litigated for compensation. The complexity involved in proving these cases goes well beyond normal workers compensation claims because we must prove stress caused physical injuries otherwise unnecessary if presented with other less arduous workplace conditions.

Most claims require outrageous, sudden, or extraordinarily harsh conditions to exist for a civil suit or workers compensation claim to be filed. Since most extreme activities are known to cause stress in the workplace, our Van Nuys stress-related injuries attorney can provide credible claims through litigation, so victims can get compensated for their unnecessarily rigorous workplace activities.

Fighting these claims alone may prove more dangerous than fruitful, so it’s best to leave all the legwork to proven professionals at The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach.

We’ll Take Your Stress Claims All the Way

With a truckload of evidence, you will approach your employer’s legal counsel or the workers compensation Board to prove your claim is meritorious. We’ll work tirelessly to settle claims before they reach court. Because no company wants their name smeared across court papers, they’re more inclined to settle before we file in court.

If you’ve been fired because stress caused an injury, you have the potential for yet another suit because it’s illegal for employers to retaliate when you report a workplace injury, and stress is considered work-related when it impedes performance and causes physical ailments you never had before.

Don’t let stress get the best of you any longer. If you’ve suffered workplace injury-related distress, including repetitive stress injuries or RSI, contact our office immediately for a free case evaluation. While we’ll never be guaranteed an outcome, we do promise to put decades of injury litigation to work for you.

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