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Accidents happen at all types of workplaces, at any time and for any reason. Drivers delivering pizzas may slip on ice and break their hip, construction workers may get hit by a crane that’s known to have issues, even secretaries can develop carpal tunnel syndrome or back problems if forced to work long hours to meet deadlines. No matter where the injury happened, you’re hurt and out of work.

This is where The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach steps in. We’re the workers compensation attorney driven by results, compassionate about workers in California, and highly regarded for the large number of claims we successfully win.

In California, workers compensation is paid in three circumstances:

  • Workplace accidents: which could entail slips and falls, getting knocked off a dock, falling from an unstable scaffolding, or getting into a car accident while delivering automobile parts.
  • Occupational diseases: generally from contracting cancers or other diseases from stuff like asbestos or certain chemicals.
  • RSI, repetitive stress injuries: which can be both physical or mental. Our firm is seeing a large number of cases as we get deeper into the technological age.

Most workers comp claims are going to fall in these categories, all of which we’re well-trained to litigate.

Are Workers Comp Claims Hard to Win?

Generally speaking, most attorneys aren’t comfortable with predicting outcomes. If we promise clients they’ll win workers compensation claims, but something happens and they do not, we’re liable for making unsubstantiated promises. With that said, workers comp claims become much simpler when you have legal representation simply because navigating ‘the system’ is what attorneys do best.

There is process employees must follow. For starters, seeking medical attention immediately after you’ve been injured goes without saying. Without your health, the chances of you returning to work or functioning will drastically decrease. Next, you must immediately notify whoever’s in charge that you’ve been injured. Laws do give you 30 days, but it’s best to report the incident in its entirety so it can be properly investigated internally. Finally, you must file your workers compensation claim; this is where having legal representation, specifically from a Van Nuys workers comp attorney, would prove useful.

If you’ve followed all steps, not only will your claim go smoother, the chances you’ll be awarded financial benefits without appealing will significantly increase.

We’re There. Even If They’re Not.

Employers have been known to be combative toward employees who were injured on the job, especially towards those who file workers compensation claims. Because that costs employer’s money, which hits their bottom line, regardless if they have insurance. Companies who do fire claimants are subject to civil damages, which The Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach have no problem using for.

Our law offices are there for you, even though your employer is not. If you’ve been injured on the job, the time to start your workers compensation claim is now. The longer you wait, the longer you suffer financially for injuries you didn’t ask for in the first place.

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