Especialista en Compensacion al Trabajador

Our office is located in Encino and we handle complex and difficult cases. We appeal denials for damages suffered on the job and have extensive experience representing clients in different lines of work.

Our lead attorney specializes in Workers Compensation by the California State Bar of Specialization and has over 40 years of proven experience in court. At our office, we have been dedicated to protecting employee rights for many years. Our goal is compassion and service, which is evident in the work we do.


We specialize in obtaining Workers Compensation Benefits in all types of cases such as damages due to harassment at work, falls, and other types of accidents. Despite the abundant experience we have in orthopedic accidents,  we also handle cases where the worker has died in the course or during a work accident in addition to other complicated cases.

We also handle cases when the employer does not have workers compensation insurance which results in a lawsuit against the Uninsured Employers Benefit Fund (UEBTF). We also obtain benefits from the Subsequent Damage Benefit Fund (SIBTF) for prior damages in certain circumstances. Different from other law firms, our attorneys are not limited to just a few areas.

Just because they call you an Independent Employer does not mean that you cannot get workers compensation benefits from your employer.

Many of the employees we have helped come from high risk companies like construction and heavy equipment manufacturers. Insurance companies are focused on the bottom line while for us our interest is to secure your compensation benefits, even if we have to go to court.

Superior Attention

Your case will be handled by highly experienced personnel who dedicate all their attention to your case. You do not pay if you do not receive compensation and your case is won. Our goal is to obtain your benefits efficiently and to ensure that you receive the proper medical care.

When you are injured on the job, you need someone to protect your rights and handle the paperwork associated with your injury. We help you to facilitate the medical treatment and compensation so that you focus on getting better and moving on with your life.

Don’t let the insurance company give you the terms of handling your case. We will take care of your interests and explain your rights. Contact our firm today by calling us at 818-609-7005 for a free consultation.

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