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Disability benefits can be incredibly crucial to the well-being of an individual unable to work due to their condition. In the case of many, they are unable to work as a result of the obstacles that come with a regular job, making it nearly impossible to get income. Fortunately, there is infrastructure in place to help those that are in need of benefits to continue leading an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

It is highly suggested that your disability benefits application is completed in its entirety. One completed with haste can have errors that gravely affect the decision of the application. Having an Encino disability benefits attorney is the best move you can make. An experienced lawyer from the Law Offices of Kropach and Kropach can help you fill in every hole on your disability benefit application – ensuring compensation to aid you in life.

Why a lawyer is so important

A disability benefits attorney is crucial in a state like California. With high living costs that only continue to rise, you may find yourself in need of someone who knows the ins and outs of the application process to secure you the most amount of compensation available.

Here are some of the actions that an attorney will do for you:

  • First and foremost, your disability benefits attorney will be able to go over your situation and advise you on how to proceed. This will allow you to understand where you are positioned before you begin your process.
  • Your initial application will be able to be filed by a legal representative who knows disability benefits law – ensuring it is done so in its entirety and without fault. Most rejected applications are rejected because they are incomplete or missing information.
  • If denied, you will be able to appeal the decision. This is one of the most helpful scenarios in which to have an attorney as an appeals process can be very difficult to successfully present to a court. Denial can be devastating, resulting in zero compensation and a complete inability to support oneself in the following months and years.
  • Finally, if a trial becomes necessary, you will have representation by a lawyer during the court hearings.

As listed above, a disability benefits lawyer is very important for a number of reasons. The most important of all, however, is the fact that every pitfall that you may encounter can be remedied by the attorney involved in the case. In a case like this one, your legal representation is imperative for the financial security of your future.

Kropach is here for all of your disability benefit needs

The process of securing disability benefits is daunting. Medical tests, doctors’ notes, and a long list of many other items are often required for the simple task of proving one’s inability to work. This is a difficult enough process as it is, so entrusting in an Encino disability benefits attorney can be extremely beneficial to someone needing to complete a successful application.

Our lawyers at the Law Offices of Kropach and Kropach in southern California are poised to help you secure all of the benefits and compensation that you deserve under state and federal law. You are entitled to a fulfilling future – so let us help you get there. If you or someone you know would like to reach out to one of our attorneys, please click here for communication options online or by calling 818-609-7005 for legal consultation.

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