Encino Construction Accident Attorney

Construction is a dangerous industry. Statistics show construction workers are injured in on-the- job accidents at a very high rate when compared to those in other lines of work.

Are you a construction worker who’s been injured in the Encino, California area? Contact an Encino construction accident attorney at Law Offices Of Kropach and Kropach if so. We can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other such losses.

Why Encino Construction Accidents Happen

Construction accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. They include the following:

  • Unsafe equipment
  • Lack of proper safety training
  • Hazards on the premises
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Miscommunication
  • Exposed wires
  • … and more

Seeking Compensation After an Encino Construction Accident

If you’re employed as a construction worker in California, your employer is almost certainly legally required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. You can thus seek compensation for your losses after an accident by filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. They’ll cover such economic losses as your medical bills and lost wages while you recover.

How an Encino Construction Accident Attorney Can Help

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits doesn’t necessarily result in an immediate payout. When you file a claim, you may find the insurance company is reluctant to pay you what you’re asking for.

Sometimes, insurance companies attempt to deny claims altogether. They may use one of the following justifications for doing so:

  • A victim wasn’t operating within the scope of their employment when they were injured, and is thus not eligible to recover benefits
  • A victim was intoxicated at the time of their accident
  • A victim was engaging in horseplay when their accident occurred
  • A victim intentionally caused their own injuries in hopes of a payout

Even if the insurance company is unable to fully deny your claim, you can’t expect them to tell you precisely how much compensation you deserve. They may instead protect themselves financially by offering a relatively low settlement.

You don’t need to accept their offer. In fact, you don’t need to work directly with the insurance company at all. Doing so could be a mistake. If you’re not careful when speaking with an insurance adjuster, you may accidentally make statements that could be used to justify paying you less than you’re seeking (such as saying “I’m feeling okay” while on a call, which could indicate to an adjuster that your injuries aren’t very serious).

Hire an attorney to represent you instead. The team at our Encino construction accident law firm can assist you by:

  • Conducting an investigation to show that you were operating as an employee when you were injured
  • Showing the accident didn’t occur because you were intoxicated, engaging in horseplay, or attempting to injure yourself
  • Adding up your compensable losses and negotiating for a proper settlement on your behalf

At Law Offices Of Kropach and Kropach, our Encino construction accident attorneys appreciate how California’s construction workers help our state grow. When construction workers are injured on- the-job, we’re committed to helping them recover the compensation they deserve. Learn more about how we can do the same for you by contacting us online or calling us at 818-609-7005 to schedule your free consultation.

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