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Work-related injuries and illnesses can pose significant setbacks for victims. Among the various causes of work injuries, lift injuries stand out as one of the most prevalent, leading to missed workdays. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach in Encino, our experienced work injury attorneys specialize in assisting clients who have suffered lift injuries in the workplace. Our objective is to thoroughly investigate your claim and ensure you receive comprehensive compensation for your losses, encompassing medical bills, lost wages, disability benefits, and more.

Common Types of Lift Injuries at Work

Lifting injuries at work can result in significant and enduring consequences, affecting the neck, back, arms, or knees. Our firm is dedicated to helping clients who have been injured during work and have suffered from:

  • Ligament sprain
  • ACL tear or other knee injuries
  • Hip displacement
  • Muscle strain
  • Back injuries such as a herniated disk
  • Hernia or fascia injuries

Similar to slip-and-fall injuries, lifting and moving heavy items are often directly linked to one's specific employment, with certain professions being more susceptible to these workplace fatalities than others. If you work in construction, logistics, landscaping, retail, nursing, warehouse operations, or the moving industry, the likelihood of experiencing lifting injuries during your employment is considerably higher. Our firm is here to ensure you receive the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to.

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Time Limit to File a Work Injury Claim in Encino

Individuals sustaining a lift work injury must be aware of the limited time available to file a compensation claim. Workers must report their lift injury to their employer within 30 days of the incident. Importantly, this initial report does not automatically initiate the workers' compensation claim. In California, the statute of limitations for workers' compensation claims is one year from the day the injury occurs. Failing to file a claim within this one-year timeframe may result in the victim being unable to recover entitled compensation.

Types of Compensation Available After a Lift Injury at Work

Victims of work injuries in Encino are entitled to various forms of compensation. If you have sustained a workplace lift injury, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach will diligently work to help you secure:

  • Full coverage of all medical bills caused by the lift injury.
  • Compensation for any lost income incurred during your recovery.
  • Possible temporary or permanent disability benefits, depending on the severity of your injury.
  • Support for retraining in the event your injury prevents you from performing the same type of work.

The compensation available after a workplace injury varies based on the specific factors related to each case. A skilled Encino workers’ compensation lawyer will assist in determining the appropriate compensation for the worker.

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Preventing Workplace Lift Injuries

Preventing lift injuries is a priority at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach. We provide the following best practices to avoid workplace lift injuries:

  • Use proper lifting techniques: Employers should ensure that workers receive proper training on lifting techniques, particularly when handling heavier objects.
  • Use appropriate equipment: Many workplaces provide specialized gear, such as lifting straps, to support the control and support of irregularly shaped items. Additionally, having a team of capable workers and suitable machinery for heavy lifting is essential.
  • Exercise judgment: Even with the correct tools for heavy lifting, preventing injuries requires making sound decisions. Employees who find lifting challenging should seek assistance.
  • Adapt to conditions: Workplace conditions significantly impact employee safety. For example, in colder temperatures, employees should wear warm garments to avoid potential injuries caused by muscle pulls and strains. Conversely, hot temperatures can lead to fatigue and dehydration, making it crucial for employees to remain vigilant and make safe decisions when lifting.

Let Our Experience Work for You

If you have suffered a lifting injury, predicting the pain and long-term effects can be challenging. Your injury may seem fine until a later incident triggers its effects. In such situations, documenting and filing your case comprehensively is crucial to securing benefits for potential long-term effects.

Our team, led by a certified workers' compensation lawyer with over 40 years of proven courtroom experience, is committed to protecting the rights of injured workers. We have a successful track record of securing benefits for our clients. Contact our Encino office to discuss your lifting injury or schedule an appointment online.

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