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The trucking industry's intricacies are well-known, and individuals devoting extensive hours to transporting goods should not have the added concern of whether they will receive compensation for workplace injuries. At the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach, our Encino trucking accident attorneys, armed with over 40 years of proven courtroom experience, are prepared to advocate for your case today. Allow us to assist in securing the compensation you rightfully deserve following a trucking work injury.

Severity of Workplace Trucking Injuries

Truckers, with their demanding jobs, often sustain injuries affecting various aspects of their lives, from repetitive stress-related injuries to traumatic injuries resulting from accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), common injuries among truck drivers include strains, sprains, bruises, fractures, cuts, lacerations, soreness, pain, and multiple traumatic injuries. These injuries stem from events such as overexertion, contact with objects, being struck by objects, falling, and transportation accidents (vehicle accidents).

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Prevention of Workplace Trucking Injuries

Ensuring truckers have safe workplaces, including safe vehicles, is the responsibility of trucking companies. Regular inspection and maintenance of vehicles are essential to prevent accidents leading to severe injuries for truck drivers. In cases where a truck driver sustains an injury due to another driver's negligence, they may be entitled to compensation beyond what workers' compensation provides. While driving occupies much of a trucker's time, injuries can also occur in other contexts. It is imperative that loading docks adhere to safety standards and those working around truckers follow safety protocols. Many truck and semi-truck accidents result from the negligence of third parties rather than the employer's negligence, given the diverse interactions truck drivers have with various companies.

Role of an Encino Trucking Accident Attorney

When filing a workers' compensation claim, seeking representation from an Encino lawyer experienced in handling trucking accident cases is advisable. Here's how our attorneys can assist you:

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Determining Claim Value

California's law mandates employers to have workers' compensation insurance, making truckers eligible for benefits if injured in a work-related accident. However, attempting to handle the claim without legal representation may lead to a settlement that is less than deserved. Insurance companies aim to minimize financial losses, often offering inadequate settlements. Our attorneys will calculate fair compensation based on the severity of injuries and losses, negotiating aggressively for a suitable payout.

Investigating the Accident

If a workers' compensation settlement proves insufficient, additional compensation can be sought by filing a claim against a negligent third party responsible for the accident. Identifying this third party requires a thorough investigation, a task our legal team is equipped to handle.

Aiding in Recovery

Prioritizing health is crucial for expedited recovery. Hiring an Encino trucking accident attorney allows you to focus on recuperation while we handle the intricacies of pursuing compensation.

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Our Team Is Ready to Assist You

If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury in a trucking accident, entitlement to compensation is paramount. If your claim faces denial or delay from your employer or insurer, the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach are ready to take action. Our investigation aims to secure compensation for medical bills, lost income, benefits, future earnings, and potential third-party liability. For a free consultation, contact us.