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Encino Workplace Stress and Harassment Attorneys

Work-related stress and harassment can lead to various injuries, affecting both physical and mental well-being. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is crucial to have experienced representation to ensure you receive the entitled benefits. Our law firm's attorneys have been dedicated to serving the needs of injured workers since 1972, comprehending the complexities of addressing these issues within a work environment. We are committed to assisting you in seeking restitution for unwarranted harm and reclaiming control of your life.

Safe Workplace

Every employee deserves a secure work environment, and while some hazardous situations are inevitable, many are preventable. Although workers' compensation is often associated with physical injuries, it's essential to recognize that enduring workplace injuries can extend beyond the physical realm. Numerous clients have faced severe psychological trauma at work due to extreme stress and harassment, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support.

If you have experienced a stressful work situation resulting in mental or physical repercussions, contact our Encino office today at (818) 609-7005.

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A wooden judge 's gavel on top of a table.

Psychological Disorders

Stigma often surrounds stress-related disorders, yet acknowledging the real mental effects of traumatic events is crucial, warranting workers' compensation. Our legal team has successfully handled cases involving harassment upon returning to work, depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and sexual harassment. Clients have endured significant psychological trauma arising from one-time events like gun robberies, store shootings, and violent assaults, as well as prolonged harassment leading to mental stress and impairment.

In addressing these sensitive situations, it's essential to recognize that you may qualify for substantial workers' compensation benefits for your injury.

You Deserve Better

Do not allow your employer or their insurance company to undermine the validity of your stress or harassment workers' compensation claim. Secure the resources, assistance, and restitution you deserve by scheduling a free consultation appointment with us.

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