“I needed big time help with my case as I tried to manage it myself without a good outcome. I tried to avoid hiring a lawyer, but boy was I glad I hired Mr. Kropach. I interviewed three lawyers before Bill and he shined compared to them. The others just wanted to put me on a treadmill of other cookie cutter cases. Bill treated me with care and individuality, and he really examined my case carefully. I was immediately impressed with his track record and his dedication to voluntary unpaid community services. This lawyer cares, and before I met Bill I thought no lawyer would ever truly care about a client. It’s rare. Bill also got me a lifetime award through a special fund that I had never heard of and no other lawyer I interviewed suggested. Mr. Kropach knows his stuff and never gave me any bad advice. If you want honesty and care through a difficult time you need not look any farther.”

- Brad

“I hired Mr. Kropach for my workers compensation claim about three years ago. I was suffering severe pain in my elbow as a result of my job. Mr. Kropach was superb in helping me settle this case. During the entire process, I was receiving medical treatment and he regularly met with me to discuss my case. During my deposition he was extremely supportive and explained to me the entire process which helped me become comfortable. I would highly recommend Mr. Kropach to anyone who needs assistance with a workers compensation claim.”

- Brad

“I have known Bill for over 25 years. He is personable and very knowledgeable in the area of workers comp. My experience during this very stressful time has been excellent. His staff is courteous and efficient and always kept me up to date with my case. Their attention to detail has been exemplary, as a client would expect from his attorney. I recommend this attorney to anyone with a workers comp case.”

- Donna

“I have an 18-year-old workers compensation case. Mr. Kropach never gave up or settled for anything less. He kept fighting for my rights to win. He realized I was in the right and he never once asked me to just give up. I won my case 100 percent.”

- Edward

“I have been lucky to have William Kropach handle two different workers compensation cases in the last several years that exceeded all of my expectations. Not only was Mr. Kropach professional and courteous but he sincerely cared about my well being and made sure I received a settlement in proportion to my injuries. Before I hired an attorney I researched a certified workers compensation specialist in the area and Mr. Kropach’s name continually came up. I recommend his services to anyone who is seriously injured and in need of professional help.”

- Arabella

“I hired Mr. Kropach years ago due to the fact that he was head of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association. After the insurance company denied my claim I thought my case was over, but my attorney fought the insurance company all the way to the appellate court and won. The judge awarded me retroactive benefits, which saved me from filing bankruptcy. I will forever recommend William Kropach to all of my friends.”

- Workers Compensation client

“Workers compensation cases are extremely complex and typically quite frustrating for the injured worker. I should know, because my case extended over five years and included countless surgical procedures. My injury and subsequent workers compensation case was one of the most difficult times in my life, and I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. Throughout the entire ordeal though, Mr. Kropach and Ms. Shibata stood by my side, providing me amazing support. I attribute their experience making the difference in getting my benefits approved and seeing my case resolved to my complete satisfaction. I am truly grateful. Therefore, I would recommend their professional services without hesitation.”

- WPark

“I was in a very serious accident in early 2000 and found that Attorney Kropach and his staff, especially his paralegal Jill, paid close attention to my case and no matter how many questions I asked they always had time to explain in layman’s language what I needed to know. The case was long and drawn out due to numerous injuries, but this attorney never gave up on my case. His expertise in Workmans’ compensation enabled him to secure a settlement more than I was expecting. I would not hesitate to refer him to others. All I can say is “A Job Well Done and Thank You!”

- Janice Ann

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