Does your job involve lifting heavy objects at times? If so, you likely don’t need to be told that lifting such objects can put you at risk of injury.
Adopting a proper lifting technique can help you avoid these types of injuries. To lift heavy objects safely, keep the following points in mind:

Make a Plan

This is an important safe lifting tip that many don’t consider. Your goal when lifting a heavy object is to minimize the length of time you need to hold on to it. Thus, when you are lifting a heavy object to transport it from one location to another, before doing so, plan your path accordingly. By making a basic plan, you won’t be stuck carrying a heavy object for longer than is comfortable.

Don’t Use Your Back!

Although lifting injuries can take many forms, often, they consist of back injuries.
This is because many people make the mistake of using their back when they lift. This is not a proper lifting technique.
Proper lifting technique involves engaging your core and lifting with your arms and legs. If you feel your back is under strain when you’re lifting a heavy object, you’re likely doing so incorrectly.

Keep the Object Close

When lifting any heavy object, it’s typically best to keep it close to your body, particularly when you are carrying it. This allows you to keep the object and your muscles stable. That said, because there is always the chance that you might drop the object, you should protect yourself by wearing steel-toed boots.


Are you lifting a heavy object that’s on the ground? If so, don’t bend down with your back to lift it. Instead, squat with your legs bent and tuck your chin in before lifting. Try to keep your feet shoulder-width apart as well. This simple change in lifting technique can significantly reduce your chances of being harmed in an avoidable workplace accident.

Ask for Help

It’s a simple point, but it’s one that bears mentioning, simply because so many people feel the need to prove they can lift heavy objects on their own that they end up injuring themselves physically to avoid any injuries to their pride.
Don’t attempt to lift a heavy object yourself if you can’t do so safely without help. Ask for help when you need it, and whenever possible, use approved equipment to make lifting an item as easy as possible.

Move Slowly

You need to strike a delicate balance when lifting and moving a heavy object. You want to minimize how much time you spend carrying the object, but you also want to move fairly slowly and deliberately. Accidents often occur when someone lifting a heavy object moves too quickly for safety.

Unfortunately, even if you keep all this advice in mind, for various reasons, it’s still possible to be injured in a workplace accident involving lifting a heavy object. If this happens to you, an Encino lifting injury attorney at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach can help you secure the workers’ compensation benefits you may deserve. Contact our offices online or call us at (818) 609-7005 for more information.